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Robert's Personal Blog
Robert and Jo Ann accepting the  
2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Our great team at the 2016 Business Solutions Conference.
l-r: Freddy Ybarra, Kathleen Adams, Kara Watts, Steve Russell
Robert's Coffee & Vending Service is now offering "Catering Lite". Having a meeting? Conference?
Employee recognition? Call us for sandwich trays, vegetable and fruit trays, assorted desserts and drinks.
We will deliver and set it up for you. When you order our Coffee Bar, featuring three different coffee
blends, you can also choose to have an attendant to serve your guests (for an additional fee).

Currently we are offering this service to our customers in the Longview/Tyler area. Call for more
The newest addition to our fleet! Steve Russell, our warehouse manager, has
completed the custom shelving and now it's off to the sign shop for our logo!

Robert's Coffee & Vending prides itself on having up to date, safe, attractive vehicles
you'll be proud to have servicing your business!

Someone is calling our customers trying to get money. The caller claims to be one of our drivers,
or a relative of one of our drivers. They claim to be broken down nearby and ask for cash for
gas/repairs, promising our driver will pay the money back the next time the driver is in for his
regular stop.

NONE of our drivers would do this....nor would their relatives call their customers. ALL of our
drivers  have cell phones, either personal or company issued, and Robert and Jo Ann would
never allow their families to be stranded....we have a fund set up for our employees for just this
kind of circumstance. All the drivers know they can call the office for assistance at any time...or
Robert and Jo Ann directly if it's after hours.

PLEASE do not give anyone claiming to be connected to us cash, get as much information as
possible and contact your local police department, scammers are out there trying everything to
separate good people from their hard earned money...we don't want OUR customers to fall victim!

Please also give US a call...that way you can be reassured that our drivers and their families are
fine and we can report it to the police department here in Gregg County too.

While we hate that this has happened, how wonderful to see how kind and caring our customers
are...and how much they like our driver. He's a good man and feels it very personally distressing.
God bless you all.
Our Micromarkets are becoming more and more
popular! We have micromarkets at leading
companies from Texarkana to Nacogdoches!

Call today to discuss putting YOUR employee
lounge into the 21st century!