343 Johnny Clark Road    903.643.9093
Longview, TX 75605       
Snacks and Drinks

Our well dressed and
courteous drivers will
deliver the freshest,
name brand products
on a regular schedule
that will keep your
employees satisfied and
productive. Quality and
service are our main
focus, your satisfaction
our goal!
Food Service

Food safety and
variety are the
hallmarks of our
food service! We
provide fresh milk,
cold sandwiches,
and frozen meals for
large businesses, we
guarantee our
products and stand
behind what we
Coffee Service

This is what launched
our company and is
still our name sake!
We are proud to
provide only the
freshest Folgers,
Maxwell House and
our own private label
coffee to our valued
customers! Our coffee
salesmen are devoted
to their customers.
Water Bar

Our newest offering!
We can now provide
your company with
the modern version of
the old fashioned
water cooler! Our
water systems are
high tech filtration
systems quaranteeing
your employees
fresh, pure, safe
Robert's Personal Blog
Micromarket, Mt Vernon Texas
We are proud to introduce our newest concept in employee refreshment! Texas Mercado:
the future for large employers is here today. This concept features a wider selection, a more
attractive appearance, and budget friendly options for your employees pleasure!

A coming trend in
employee refreshment.
An alternative to a bank
of machines, fully
customizable, secure,
budget friendly...this
alternative not only
makes your facility look
great but provides a
wider range of healthy
alternatives to traditional
snacking options