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Robert's Personal Blog
Robert and Jo Ann accepting the  
2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award
We customize these micromarkets for each of our clients using colors and layouts that fit their needs.

This concept has been installed in several of our clients at this point. We offer it to the larger employers
in East Texas. This method of providing refreshments to employees gives greater selection, ease of use,
and provides employees with the convenience of being able to control their costs without having to carry
change. The kiosk works on cards provided, with a pin code, a credit card, or with a thumbprint with the
built in reader.

Contact our sales team for information on upgrading your employee lounge!
Our great team at the 2016 Business Solutions Conference.
l-r: Freddy Ybarra, Kathleen Adams, Kara Watts, Steve Russell
Robert's Coffee & Vending Service is pleased to announce the opening of the FIRST Micromarket in the
Texarkana area!

In August 2016, we added New Millennium Building Systems in Hope, Arkansas to the growing family of
Texas Mercado Micromarkets. We worked together with New Millennium to tailor the micromarket to fit
their space, their needs and their decor. We are very proud and honored they chose us for their employee
lounge upgrade.
The newest addition to our fleet! Steve Russell, our warehouse manager, has
completed the custom shelving and now it's off to the sign shop for our logo!

Robert's Coffee & Vending prides itself on having up to date, safe, attractive vehicles
you'll be proud to have servicing your business!